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Wind farm fund awards money for local community projects

Spaldington Airfield Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund has announced that eight community projects have been awarded more than £12,500 as part of this year’s round of funding.

Sponsored by Falck Renewables UK Limited, the fund receives an annual contribution based on the operation capacity of the Spaldington Airfield Wind Farm.

The fund accepts applications from community groups, firms, societies, parish councils, churches and schools for not-for-profit projects that will benefit people living in Bubwith, Eastrington, Foggathorpe, Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, Howden, Spaldington and Wressle.

Decisions on how the money received from Falck Renewables UK Limited is disbursed are made by a local fund panel chaired by Councillor Victoria Aitken.

The fund panel met on 25 June 2018 to consider applications and made the following grant awards:

  • Ashes Playing Field Trust – £500 towards new ornamental trees to be planted along Jubilee Walk and £2,001 towards the installation of a petanque court
  • Bubwith Parish Council – £1,366 towards the purchase and installation of a defibrillator at Bubwith Leisure Centre
  • Bubwith Tuesday Club – £500 towards the purchase of chairs suitable for people with mobility problems and the creation of an area to park mobility scooters
  • Foggathorpe Parish Council – £500 towards the installation of road side planters that will encourage speed reduction of traffic travelling through the parish
  • Holme-on-Spalding-Moor Parish Council – £1,079 towards the installation of protective grills in the Youth Club
  • Howden Pre-School – £3,000 towards the refurbishment of the outdoor play area
  • Spaldington Parish Council – £3,200 towards the installation of a bus shelter which will act as the pickup point for school buses and community transport initiatives
  • Wressle Parish Council – £500 towards the installation of a loft ladder enabling the village hall to maximise its storage areas.

Councillor Aitken said: “I am delighted that the panel has been able to support a range of projects across the fund area of benefit. The fund is an illustration of how a small amount of money can provide huge community benefit and support residents to work together.”

An initiative that was supported in a previous round of funding has just been officially opened.

A compostable toilet has been installed by Foggathorpe Parish Council at a cost of £1,650.

The new facility will support the Friends of Foggathorpe Meadow who spend Saturday mornings carrying out work and encouraging residents to drop in, see what is happening and lend a hand.

Prior to the formation of the group the meadow was a wild area and clearing and maintenance work is essential.

The meadow is leased from East Riding of Yorkshire Council by the parish council who are working with residents to turn it into an amenity space. To date, various events including a celebration of the Queen’s Birthday, two garden parties, an annual bonfire event and carol singing have taken place on the meadow.

As there is no power supply, water supply or sewer on site a conventional toilet is not an option. So the new facility is ideal for a rural setting.

Councillor Aitken said: “A new compostable toilet for Foggathorpe Meadow will support the work of local people to create a space for public events. It was also one of the more interesting ribbon cutting events I have been involved with.”

The fund is now closed until the next contribution is received from Falck Renewables UK Limited, which is anticipated in January 2019.

Any community groups wishing to apply in future should register contact details with the fund via the ‘Keep Me Informed Form’ located on the fund webpage www.eastriding.gov.uk/council/grants-and-funding/rural-funding/spaldington-wind-farm-community-fund/ or by emailing ruralfunding@eastriding.gov.uk

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